Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

So glad we had some trick-or-treat ers tonight. Not enough to eat all the candy we bought, and sadly I forgot the golden Halloween candy rule of getting candy that you don't like so if it is left over you are not tempted by it...opps. Might have to get J to make it disappear for the sake of my waistline.
Kids in costumes are one of my favourite things, it just makes me smile. And we had the politest children come to our door for candy, so many please and thank yous and no one was greedy. I love that.

It reminded me how much I enjoy where we live. This is a sweet community and on holidays like this it has a really friendly atmosphere.

J is sick, the cold which has been doing the rounds has finally got him and he is in 'man cold' mode. I am really glad that our home visit got moved to Thursday because he would have been out of it and our house would have smelled like sick person. Or at least would have smelled like we hadn't let fresh air in or bad hour out for about 24 hours - Another good thing about the trick or treat ers, forcing us to open the door!!

I am so excited about the interview. I thought I would be nervous, but we love our caseworker and I know she is excited for us, so I know it will go fine.

Hope you are all enjoying the cute costumes and the left over candy - Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. We had super sweet kiddos at our door too! It was refreshing!

    Hope your home visit goes great and everyone is feeling better soon!



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