Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simple Joys

It's been a great start to the weekend in our house. J had a follow up at the doctors this morning. As part of our adoption home study medical we have to have a TB test, so he had to go ad get the results of his. He's fine of course but now the adoption peeps will know that. Happy to get that crossed off the list.

Then we had to go and pick up our new couch and love seats from the store. This is new couch 2.0 because the first one we bought was really bad quality - about 8 seconds after we had put the last couch together J sat on it and the wooden bottom snapped! It was so funny for about five minutes, and then we realised we would have to return it all and start over again on our couch hunt. Boo. But we ended up with a lovely couch and now it's here we are enjoying having the room put together, and snuggling up on it!

I also got out the fall decorations and the house is slowly becoming a haven for pumpkins everywhere! It was a good day. Nothing particularly grand happened but sometimes a regular day is just what my heart needs. The simple joys of life can sometimes get lost under the busyness, but today they shone brightly through. As I said, it was a good day :)

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