Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feeling fit

I haven't discussed weight or fitness on this blog in a while but it has been something I have been being very intentional about in the last couple of months. I had tried over and over to start a work out plan but ultimately after a week or two (if that) I would get discouraged. I wanted to see results but if I am honest, I didn't want to work for it.

So I stopped posting about new regiments I had started and was loving because I felt as though writing it was the beginning of the end of my motivation and I would have to write a follow up post every time I stopped.

That said, as my birthday approached this past September my weight had seemed to take on a life of its own and suddenly 160lbs was not that many pounds away, and there was no way I was going to be within 10lbs of my husband - who is seriously the same weight he was when he graduated high school (jerk) Plus, with a birthday approaching there is always a nagging voice asking if I am aging well! I am sure it's a voice heard by most women especially on a birthday - and I like to stare it in the face and say "yes" but this year I wasn't so sure.

I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided enough was enough. I was taking back control.

I know I feel some motivation to get in shape so that I will feel good about myself when we are potentially meeting with birth parents. I want to feel confident and as I looked in the mirror I could no longer pretend that I was ok with how my body looked. I have good self-esteem usually, and do not spend a lot of time thinking or worrying about the way I look but it had got to the point that my weight was coming to mind more that I was used to and that in itself made me certain that the time to make a change had arrived.

I was talking with a friend who was looking and feeling great having lost over 20lbs (now it's over 30lbs!) She showed me a website (and phone app) called which is a free site where you can track your calorie intake and exercise to keep track of what's coming in and what's going out and keeping to your daily limit. I set myself the goal of 1lb loss a week.

It took some getting used to. Some days have been more successful that others but overall it has changed my consumption because I am so aware of what I am eating and I no longer just snack because it comes out of my daily calories.

I am taking a yoga class at school three times a week and while it is not a class that makes you really sweat it is stretching me and getting me up and at school for the 8am start which I think is helpful to get my system up and going in the morning! Plus the brisk walk to and from school is a great and needed addition to my routine.

I have used the gym at school some too - and after I am fully recovered from this loss, probably in a week or less I will be back to that. The exciting thing is that I already see my body changing shape. Not just because of the weight coming off, but because I am increasing my fitness level. Feels so great.

In six weeks I have lost 7lbs. And it really hasn't been that hard at all. I can still have treats but I have to balance that with the other things I eat and do during the day. I have lost between 1 and 1.5lbs each week, right on target.

I have about seven or so pounds to get where I want to be, but if I continue on this track I will get there before the end of the year. Me thinks a fun shopping spree will be on the cards in the new year! It will also be lovely to have a wider selection of trousers to wear day to day. I have a drawer full but currently I am rocking the only two pairs of jeans that fit!

If you are looking for a tool to help you try and remove those extra lbs, you should try that site out. It may not be the thing for everyone, but it has been great for me. I look forward to celebrating the finished weight drop when I get there!! If you do sign up and want a buddy, send me a message and I will email you my user name so we can be fitness buddies (it only shares when you lose lbs, and never tells your weight just FYI!)

And while I would trade my weight-loss for a healthy pregnancy in a heart beat, I am not sad that physically I beginning to feel like myself again. Now if I can only survive the holiday season!!

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