Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Over scheduled

I feel as though I have not been writing much of any substance on here recently. I am honestly wondering when I had time to fully process any of this stuff and come out the other end with something coherent to share.

I just walked through the door from a CPR class for school and am falling asleep with a heavy heart, knowing tomorrow I am booked up from am to pm. I feel blessed that in the pm I have scheduled in some girl time with one of my besties, but until that it will be go, go, go as it has been.

And it will continue. I cannot remember what I did before we started this adoption process, Seriously. I am going to have been at the doctors 5 times in two weeks by the time next Tuesday arrives. Different medical requirements, x-rays and blood work to ensure I am healthy. Which I am, thank the Lord, except for a nasty cold reared its head and which I do not have time for!

We also have those interviews, one of which is at our home so it is not going to fly to just run the vacuum around. I actually need to open and empty the dishwasher which is sort of clean, and has been that way for about 2 weeks. J made a final attempt to fix it and ran it, but it didn't really fix it and so the semi clean dishes are in their waiting for someone to rescue them. I am ignoring their cries. actually I am not ignoring them, but the whirring sound I make as I go room to room crossing things off my list drowns them out! ha ha

I guess it is just a season of putting my head down and getting things done. I cannot keep this pace. I have to keep my planner with me at all times because I have so much on the calendar that I cannot forget. Special mention here goes to my appointment to go and get biometrics for my Green card. Yes, more fingerprints, but these are on a machine and they seem to be acceptable. Still no word on the other fingerprints. Prays still appreciated for a miracle in that area. Especially because I have 0 time to get downtown to get another set for about 3 months. Ok, I could squeeze it in the next week or two probably, but I really do not want to have to.

Wow, woe is me huh? Seriously, snap out of it Mrs B. Friends please forgive me for my absence in your life. It is not personal and I look forward to resuming a sense of normality soon. And then I am looking forward to sharing life with you once we get our baby and life gets crazier than we could ever imagine!

It's all worth it. It's all worth it. It's all worth it. Repeat. Eat a cookie and then repeat.

Shoot, just remembered something I did not write down...need to go and write an email before I fall asleep. Wonderful sleep. Goodnight all.

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  1. Sounds like you've got so much going on... be gentle on yourself too. Your love for your little one will see you through the stress xoxo



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