Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prayers please, I am going crazy!

So that 'peace like a river' I keep singing about has been flowing right past me the past few days.
We are having a nightmare trying to return the first couch and ottoman set we bought, the couch that literally snapped when J sat on it. They did come and pick that up the broken couch yesterday afternoon having given me a 6 hour window when they might show up, seriously? But then they wouldn't take the ottomans because they were not defective. Clearly everything was made from cheep materials, and we don't want them - it was bought as a set. So just come and take it back already. I am so fed up, and do not have it in me to nicely explain myself to another customer service rep to get it cleared up. We have been dealing with the company we bought it from, and the vendor who actually made it, and the shipper and that people, is just far too many people to coordinate when everyone is telling you something different!! Aargh. Finally J just said he would deal with it, he can be much more forceful than me, and I pity anyone who tries to get one over on him.

This just adds to the rest of the long list of things to be stressed about.

Most importantly, and you can please pray for us if you think of it, we sent off a lovely envelope of forms and paperwork for the adoption last week. A whole week ago and they have not yet received it. It should have taken a day to get there. I am afraid it got lost, which is bad for two reasons, firstly, it will mean pushing back everything if we have to fill out all that paperwork again, and honestly, I am overwhelmed with my increased school load, and J is out of town a ton in the coming weeks so I have no idea when we would even be able to fill it out again. And secondly, it has a bunch of our personal information on it and I would not want that to be out there for someone to find and use against us, all we need is stolen identities to figure out. Please pray it shows up soon.

And we have interviews scheduled for the adoption scheduled which would be tricky to reschedule with our schedules and we have an appointment soon to go and get biometrics done for my Green card. We have something every day for a few weeks, and the thought is making me crazy.

Please pray that we can find peace in the midst of the crazy, and endurance to get all the necessary t's crossed and i's dotted for this adoption and my immigration, and that we can find some joy in the midst of it - and maybe time to eat and/or sleep too. That would be good. And just in case you forgot please pray for that paperwork to show up.


  1. Oh no!! I hope it shows up very soon!!! What a bummer about your furniture!!



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