Monday, November 28, 2011

More waiting!

When I saw our caseworkers number on my phone call I braced myself to hear, "she has chosen another couple"

Instead, I heard, "Her pregnancy counselor called and wants you to send your full profile book (we had just sent our basic profile sheet before because our books are still in transit!)

So now, we have to get our books over to the office to send out first thing tomorrow. I guess she still wants to see us. However, our caseworker did say that lots of people had agreed to be shown to her, so she may well chose another family before our book makes it to her but as of today she is still undecided.

And we can't quite relax just yet. I am ok with that. I know I would have been sad to hear we have not been chosen, but i am praying that she at least has a chance to see our profile before she decides.

Jesus, I know you have this. We have been waiting so long for your gift of a child and are praying that if this is that child then your plan will come to be.


  1. I think its a great sign that she wants to see your book. Praying!!!

  2. Thanks! It's exciting to be in the mix but totally surreal too. Whose life is this?!

  3. Chrissie, we are so excited for you guys and are praying in anticipation for that BIG day... whenever it comes! :-)

  4. sending prayers - your story is already the deepest blessing I can not wait to see what God has in store for your family!!

  5. Any news? Hope you get great news very soon!



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