Friday, December 16, 2011

And into the Christmas Spirit we go...

I am done! Thank you for all the good wishes. I actually feel pretty good about my French final, I won't know my grade for a little while but I think I did well enough to pass so I can take the following class next quarter.

I am celebrating my freedom by sleeping in and eating my chocolate from my advent calendar for breakfast. It's amazing. And I am not even feeling guilty yet.

Tomorrow is one of my favourite new holiday traditions, the all day Christmas movie marathon that our dear friends host. They release the movie schedule and people come and go throughout the day. We usually wear something that closely resembles pajamas and bring along blankets and pillows etc. We will be popping out for a movie length in the afternoon to attended a cookie exchange but then will be back for the evenings viewing. Ho ho ho!

I have not felt like we have fully embraced the Christmas spirit this year and with only ten days to go before the big day I am hoping this weekend will kick us into high gear. We also have to pick up a gingerbread house kit this weekend because we are putting them together with friends next week. Another goofy and fun tradition.

I loved the Christmas episode on 'New Girl' where they went to see the Christmas lights int he neighborhood. We have a plan to go exploring some of the neighbourhood displays in our area because I LOVE Christmas lights. It is just magical to see everything sparkling.

Something else which will be sparkling in my house soon is a brand new fridge. We have had three unsuccessful attempts to have this thing delivered, and we have taken groceries out of our current fridge each of those times, only to have to return them because of a whole spectrum of excuses. But today I feel it's going to be different and that this time we will be putting them back into a beautiful new one. It will be a pre-Christmas miracle!

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