Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy Weekend

So no news is good news? I am not sure if I am sure about that but we haven't heard anything even though the baby has been born. We should hear either way, so perhaps the birth mother is having second thoughts? Who knows?

I do know that I have felt very certain that this situation came to us so we could ask for prayer for this little life. I have felt very peaceful as I have prayed for health and protection over her life, very certain that in my times of intercession I was in the center of Gods will. Not a certainty that this child will be in our home but a certain sense that for this short time we were here to cover her with prayer. And in that we feel like parents. Like God is continuing to transform our hearts.

This has been a learning curve. A glimmer of what is to come perhaps.

So I am writing our Christmas cards, silly pictures of the hubs and I. No cute baby this year. I thought that this could have been a sad reminder. I know that for some couples struggling with infertility, or waiting to adopt the holiday season is just a reminder that another year has passed by without a baby in their lives. Last year was hard for us, I was cautious about being too merry this year but the holiday blues have evaded me (so far.)

We have had a lovely, relaxing start to our weekend. Friends over for brunch and then watching Christmas movies, the Christmas card writing, and simple, lovely time with Jeremy.

Not such a bad life really. Not at all.

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