Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I know it's Thursday night but seriously, this feels like the longest week ever. I have crossed off a lot of things academically, but it feels like the never ending list.
I am having a hard time believing this quarter will ever end!

Also, Christmas is right around the corner how did that happen? I am usually so one the ball but this year, I have let things slide a little. I thought I was ahead of the game but I just realised that the cards I wrote are still sitting on the counter, next to the ones I still have to write but that had got forgotten.

Then I was certain I was done with my shopping but unless I have a pile of presents somewhere that I bought and forgot I still have a few (pretty important) ones to figure out. I do have things packaged for the UK which is great...but they have yet to make it to the post office so I am not patting myself on the back just yet!! ha ha

I do like this time of year though, the lights and the glitter everywhere...I think I just need to be done with school so I can fully embrace it. Counting down to Wednesday at 12.30!


  1. I think I might end up sending New Years cards instead of Christmas cards this year, give me a little more time to get them done. Then again... maybe Valentines cards would work... lol

  2. I've nominated you for a blogger award thing that I got... So I guess you should check out my latest blog if you want it... I don't quite understand blogger awards.. lol. Ohwell!



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