Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Struggling to finish strong

Jeremy has been gone for work this week. And while I don't like him being gone, it does give me some great time to catch up with girlfriends who I easily neglect when normal life mode kicks in. I seriously have some of the most amazing ladies in my life.

It is also the last full week of school and I am really struggling to stay focused and keep my head in the game. I have an oral presentation in my French class tomorrow and a quiz on Friday before the final next Wednesday. Yuck. I hate tests. I get so nervous, and as soon as I get to a question that I don't know I freeze and seem to forget everything. I like to pretend tests are not happening, so my nerves don't get the better of me. However, putting off studying to fool myself into thinking a test is far off is not really that helpful.
I also have final assignments and a final in my other class so there is a lot of things which should be filling me time - but aren't. This quarter is dragging like none before it. I am not sure why...I think maybe our adoption journey now feels so real and so immediate that school work seems a bit pointless.

I know that once I have my two year degree, probably in a year or less, I will feel great about my accomplishment but the next few quarters might drag on like this one. And lets face it, once we have a baby in our arms my motivation for school work will be totally gone so I guess I should try and keep my head in the game as much as possible now in case our baby comes sooner rather than later and I have limited motivated time!!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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  1. Hey I have that book! The Little Engine that Could. Was given to me by my kindergarten teacher. lol. Anyways.. I didn't know much of what to say seeing as I am commenting so late.

    I hope everything went smoothly for your oral French presentation. And I hope everything goes well for all your upcoming tests and such. =)



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