Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day!

There have been snow flurries in Seattle for the past few days, but they are forecasting a heaving dumping later today and overnight. This morning, as the snow had already started falling, I excitedly checked my college web site to see if classes had been cancelled. Lucky for me, they only cancelled the early classes and any ending at or before 10am and my French class starts at 10.

I got us and out, The bus came on time and I was thankful that I could at least get to class without freezing. And then the bus driver, who knows where I get off, told me that the buses were running on snow routes today and would be turning off the road the college is on before it reached my stop. I got off at the closest stop, but it was still a 10 minute walk away. By now the snow had turned into more freezing rain, and the ground underfoot was certainly slick. Not fun.

The parking lot at school was so empty, I wondered if there would be anyone in my class but we actually had a full house. As our class was coming to an end, our professor exclaimed, "OH LA LA, il neige!" We turned to look behind us at the windows in the back of the classroom to see a blanket of white had fallen during our class and the flakes were now huge and heavy.

I am so thankful to my friend Mary who offered me a ride home in her Subaru so I didn't have to trek up to find a bus. I am home now, and the snow seems to be taking a break from falling here right now but there is a forecast of much more to come later today and tonight. Fairly certain that school will be closed tomorrow because of the threatened inches - SNOW DAY!

Hoping J heads home early from work so he doesn't get caught in the scary traffic as the roads get more slippery when the temperature falls later in the day.

Hope that wherever you are today, you are keeping warm xx


  1. I am so happy Mary could bring you home! That would not have been a fun walk. I hope your husband made it home safe and sound. Stay warm! And enjoy the pretty view while it lasts. =)

  2. We got snowed on over the weekend, and it was really fun!!



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