Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worried and Changing Symptoms

I love sharing these old posts with you all and I really love reading them back myself. Seeing God's answer to my prayers over and over, seeing his grace and faithfulness unfolding in every line.
(Warning: This post may be a little TMI in places, one in particular)

Written December 12th 2011

A little freaked out, to put it mildly.

This morning I felt a little queasy, but nothing to take note of really. After class, I headed home and felt no symptoms all day except a little backache and some weird sensations that something wasn't/isn't right.

Ate dinner.

After which I had a mad dash to the bathroom where my behind exploded, TMI? Sorry. It was as gross as it sounds. After which I got hit with nausea BIG TIME. However, until now, I have had stretching and nausea that all made me confident in a healthy pregnancy. This upset stomach and following sicky feeling feels different. No stretching tummy, haven't had that for a day, and this nausea feels like its from something I ate or the stomach flu, not pregnancy.

Please just be the answer to my prayers for pregnancy symptoms to return. Please Lord, don't prove me foolish to believe what I believe I heard you promise about this pregnancy. Please don't let this be over, don't let this happen again. Please Lord settle my stomach. If today was just symptom free, enjoyable pregnancy let me have peace to appreciate it!

Thursday cannot come fast enough because we will know how you are doing little bean. I hope and pray that we will see your heart beating strong. Please Lord, let this be the fleece to show us that you are knitting this miracle together in my womb, and creating him in your image to be your child on this earth.

I feel awful. Like with every movement I could throw up. I know there are bugs going around. Perhaps it's not pregnancy related at all? I am not sure if that would be good or bad. On the one had the stomach flu is just plain horrible, but on the other hand, the stomach flu when you are also having a miscarriage would be worse. Please Lord protect this pregnancy, keep my body healthy and strong, protect our baby. Give him a strong and healthy heart...oh and if you could keep the nausea at bay until after my final on Wednesday is over I would really appreciate it.

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  1. i know the blow out and nausea are not fun, but i am SO OVERJOYED for you!!



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