Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Levi - 14 months

Dear Levi,

You are a busy boy. It takes you about ten minutes (if that) to pull out every toy you have from the shelves and bins in the living room and spread them around the room...or rooms. I am often finding toys in strange spots around the house and it leaves me wondering when on earth you were playing there?

You middle name, Rhys, means"enthusiasm for life" and with every month that passes, this aspect of your personality shines through more and more. (As a side note, we are searching for a middle name for your sister that means, "sleeps through the night".)

From the time you were just a few months old, I faithfully signed to you the words. "more". "please", "thank you", "help" and "all done". You seemed to start understanding what I was saying, but you never really took to signing back. Until two weeks ago that it, when all of a sudden out of nowhere you became Helen Keller. When you get stuck you pat your chest (help) while you say something that sounds a little like "help". You say "more" all the time and don't understand that it is a request that can still be denied when it comes to treats or snacks - at you are so stinkin' cute when you do it that I have the hardest time helping you learn that lesson, running to get you more of whatever you are asking for with little extra persuasion. Plus, you have picked up a ton of the signs from some books that we borrowed from the library, you especially like to say "apple" which is hilarious because we hardly ever eat apples - you seem to like them more now you can ask for them yourself!

You have started to say "thank you" with your words, and often without prompting when you are given something. It makes me very proud to see your sweet manners developing. I hope we can foster a true heart of thankfulness in you as you grow.

Your agility and motor skills are also developing. At the park, you have mastered climbing up and sliding down the slide and you squeal with delight as you do it. You have also become expert at climbing in and out of your toy car and on and off your little motorbike toy.  You are eager to walk up and especially down the stairs and not crawl. You stepped down the bottom two steps today totally on your own not even holding onto the heart was in my mouth as I watched from higher on the stair case unable to reach you before you took the step off!

You enjoy mimicking the world around you. You have a toy - that's actually a remote control - but you use it like its a cell phone, holding it up to your ear and chatting away. You love to sit on the couch next to me or Daddy and read books or watch the football game :)

Your fascination with the toilet and all things bathroom continues and we have even put toilet locks to deter you in some bathrooms. You can pull out the toilet roll or lift the toilet brush high above your head in just seconds if we turn away.  You have also continued to empty out any cupboards or drawers that are not locked. We were forced to put locks on the cupboard of our hutch where we keep the paper plates because you took delight in throwing them ALL OVER the dining room floor. The first time you tried to open it after we had put the lock on, you turned to me and signed help as you told me "stuck, stuck"! Yes, little man, it's stuck. No longer to be opened by your little fingers!

Now you are officially a one nap a day-er, we have even more time to have adventures - and even less for me to keep up with the housework, but I appreciate your enthusiasm to help with chores, especially laundry :)

Love you so much little man. Hoping those molars come through very soon so we can all start sleeping more soundly at night time.

Happy 14 months - I can't believe how big you are getting!!

Love Mama xx

Signing help

On your phone!

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