Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ordinary Beautiful.

Here I am, it's 7.30pm, Levi has been asleep for a while and Jeremy and I are eating dinner and watching one of our favourite shows.

Its the end of one of the days that makes it all worth while.

It wasn't a special day but it was one that just worked. It was the type of day that I long for since I became a mum. They can seem few and far between sometimes. They have seemed especially few and far between in the past couple of weeks with sickness and all the other stuff that's been on our plates so it made today stand out even more.

First of all Levi slept through the night again - hopefully this is the beginning of a return to the trend of all night sleep for all of us! The day started with a very early (6.45AM check in) for my follow up ultra sound to see baby girl. She behaved well and we got some sweet profile pics. They did see a slight murmur or something in her heartbeat but I won't find out until my doctors appointment tomorrow if the vascular specialist recommends further investigation. They said her heart is physically perfect but the blip was consistent so they wanted to watch it. They said it could be nothing so we are not going to worry until we know if we need to - but we are praying for sure!

Jeremy was able to go in a little late to work and watch Levi and our little guy just adored the extra time with Dada. He was quite sad to wave goodbye as Daddy went to work after mummy got home.

Then I crosed off an errand to Coatco for Juice, bread, Cliff Bars and eggs, that of course turned into Juice, bread, Cliff Bars, eggs, cute Christmas jammies for Levi, and chocolate covered almonds. Still not too bad and we were in and out in 35 minutes. Levi totally crashed on the way home which is about an hour earlier than he has been going down but he was obviously tired out from playing hard with Dad in the morning.

So home, to put the baby in his crib, put away the groceries and eat some early lunch while keeping my feet up for a bit. I c aught up on some blogs and did a bit on online Christmas shopping or at least browsing and planning.

Then after Levi woke up and ate a little, we headed out to spend some time with our dear friends before their afternoon naps time. Levi had missed his buddy Henry - we have been very anti social trying to keep our germs to ourselves - and I had missed Henry's mummy and hanging out with her :)

On the way home we stopped at Target for a couple of home essentials we had run out of and hten we headed back to the house.

Levi and I spent the rest of our day playing with the big boxes from Costco (Levi's favourite part of shopping) we snuggled on the couch and read stories, we laughed at some silliness and games we were making up.Then he chowed down on Minestrone soup and fruit for dinner which is a small victory but one that felt big in the moment. His cold has been making him quite the picky-pants so I am glad to see that might be easing as his cold ends.

Hearing Levi ending his day squealing with delight in the bath while Daddy and he splash about just warms my heart. 

It was a simple day. Nothing out of the ordinary. But in it's every-day-ness it felt beautiful. I can do this. We can do this. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow :)

Hoping that you can all find beauty in the ordinary today; make time to see the good and celebrate the small victories.

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