Monday, October 14, 2013

Kitchen confessions

Something needs to change because each day this is what we are faced with when we try to find anything in our pantry...

I am not brave enough to expose my freezer. But let your minds go to a dark place, because that's what its like.
It used to be so beautiful and organised, but probably since Levi arrived, it has never been the same :)

Fairly quickly I got back into the swing of weekly meal planning/shopping for the week and this helps me to know each day what I am making and lets me be able to set out meat to defrost or chop a bunch of onion at once do divide up for a couple of meals. However, I now make my lists in more of a hurry and (clearly) do not do a good job at eating through our freezer and pantry.

The majority of the groceries we purchase each week are fresh produce and as a side note, I set myself a challenge of not buying more than we can or will eat during the week because I was so tired of having to throw fruit and veggies away or have them molding in the fridge. And I am happy to say that since starting to buy less a few weeks ago there has been next to no throw away so yay me!

So now onto my next shopping challenge...eating through the food we already have and supplementing with fresh produce only as much as possible. This will mean more time for planning - but hopefully less time shopping. I have less energy to be creative but I might have to dust off those skills to make up some dishes.

I have a passion to eat well and to make good food for my family, even more so now we have kiddos. Levi and this little miss have been exposed to a wide variety of foods on the inside (as well as a little Mcdonalds when the craving hit, just to be totally transparent with you all). Levi is pretty adventurous when it comes to food and I like to see him trying new things. I am hopeful this will continue as he grows older too.

I believe it will be easier to create healthy meals if the kitchen is more organised not to mention saving money and not wasting food I have forgotten about.

So I am taking back my kitchen...starting with washing my fridge because again, in attempt to be fully transparent, besides washing out veggie drawers a few times, it's been FOREVER since that's happened.

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  1. I have been cleaning and organizing everything!! It feels so much better!



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