Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Half way there

I am 20 weeks pregnant, which means our baby girl will be here in less time than I have been pregnant.


Baby girl is moving and kicking, coming alive as I lay down at night - just like her brother did - but so far Jeremy has not been able to feel her. I think the movement feels much stronger when its on the inside of you because I swear that he should be able to feel her! Hopefully soon.
Saturday was the Seattle Families of Multiples sale here, it happens twice a year and I just love it! I am all about the bargains and these sales are primarily how we clothe Levi - we are also blessed to have friends with slightly older boys so we get to borrow hand me downs too. I love to dress Levi in cute outfits but I don't like how expensive outfits at the store can be. I hardly ever buy full price items now. In fact i could probably tell you exactly which of Levi's clothes were not sale or consignment and I can tell you because I fell in love with them and went back and forth in my mind about whether I should or shouldn't do it!

At the sales I have tried to buy ahead for the next size and season. I did such a good job at the spring sale however, Levi is covered for his 18month wardrobe, many of the things he still has to grow in to, so we should be good for a while. However, watch out mamas at the 18-24 month rack at the April sale - I'm bringing my game face) Its getting harder to find good quality pieces in good conditions at the sales for boys, I think it's because boys really wear their clothes as toddlers and not that many survive :) We might have to rely more on trips to Good Will or Value Village in the nicer parts of town in a few more years.

Girls clothes however so not seem to reduce in quantity as the ages get higher. I guess girls have more clothes? However, I am picky even when I buy second hand. I don't buy anything stained or over worn. And I think that Levi is a great poster child for cuteness on a budget.

I can;t wait to have a little girl to dress. It will be something new. Tights and headbands and not just hats as fun extras :) We stocked up on some newborn basics for baby girl at the sale, but I couldn't get much more because I want to meet her and see what she looks like before I stock up. We are again fortunate to have friends who have given and loaned us hand me downs - friends with very similar style to me - so I am thrilled that as we find our feet she will already be well dressed. We did manage to find some outfits and pieces that were not pink or purple; a cute pair of brown flowered cords, and a tan and white striped sweater, a denim belted tunic and a pale green duck print outfit. However, pink rules the school for sure. And I'm ok with that.

It's still so hard to really imagine having another baby in the house.I'm hoping in a few more weeks once we hit the 24 wek marker we will begin to put some plans into action for this little lady, figuring out strollers and second cribs etc. Answering questions such as where she will be sleeping and such :) Our plans to move in the next year are certainly going to be crimping my nesting instincts because we are not planning to set up a nursery here. We will have some sort of dresser or changing unit in Levis room, or possibly ours to house her clothes but the really fun decorating will have to wait :)

Here we are at 20 weeks.


  1. Oh look at you, so cute! Did you look this pregnant with Levi? I swear I was showing at 13 weeks with this one, while with my first, no one could even tell I was pregnant till after 20 weeks. What a difference.



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