Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy to leave it behind

Geesh, I can't believe it's Monday again.

Last week was a doozie. Jeremy was away for work for four days and it seemed as though as soon as he left, the craziness really began.

At my doctors appointment on Monday, I was diagnosed with having some early contractions and told to take it really easy - not picking up Levi much, staying off my feet - sure, that's easy while I am solo parenting.

My in-laws were very sweet and moved in for a few days to help out with Levi so I could rest as much as possible and I so appreciated their support - especially when Tuesday at 3am rolled around.

The barking started over the monitor and I realised it was Levi coughing! He had had some minor cold symptoms for a day or two but nothing to write home about. But this was new. He was truly miserable and the cough was diagnosed as croup when we went to the pediatrician later that day. So much for staying off my feet!

The week continued with an important maths test for me that I had to do on campus and that I didn't have a ton of time to study for with everything that went on. I feel blessed by a friend who had come to watch Levi to let me study as well as my in-laws who were also able to give me a break to get some revision under my belt. Still I certainly felt the support and prayers of my community as I sat the test and was able to answer all the questions and ended up with an 89% - not too shabby )

The worry of the contractions, and the anxiety of a sick baby on top of the dreaded math test and weekly homework and especially carrying the weight of all of the above solo, I was exhausted by Wednesday! I swear it was the longest week ever!

Test over, Levi on the mend (slowly) and contractions easing have made the week ahead a much brighter prospect )

Plus, the silver lining of the stressful week was the beautiful weekend. Filled with wedding activities as our dear friends, Josh and Anjie celebrated their marriage. This included and mani/pedi for me as well as lots of girl time and even having my hair done which was SO relaxing and helped me feel pretty for the first time in a long time!! Even though I was not allowed to dance at the reception because of the potential for contractions, it was still a fabulous, beautiful and fun day.

Ok - back to life, Levi just woke up from his nap, but I wanted to record the misery of last week so I can remember how blessed I was by the support of my community and also be reminded that I am stronger than I think!

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