Monday, October 19, 2009

"Enjoy every day. Even the rainy ones."

That was written on a memorial plate by a public bench I was sitting on. It was a misty day looking out over the water and I thought what a beautiful reminder that sentiment was to make me stop and consider all the wonderful things about my day.

This morning I had to go and have a cleaning at the dentist. The dentist's office is in a glass fronted building over looking the Puget sound, so while I was mouth open I could look out and enjoy the view.

Sipping away on a pumpkin spice latte to ward off the chill in the air.

Coming home to a house that I love. Making it my own with paint and love, and 5.30pm when Jeremy and I realise again how wonderful it is to have someone to come home to!

Left over Chinese food for lunch which bring back memories of a fun evening spent with family.

New boots to keep my feet cosy.

Making our grocery list for the week. There are so many soup recipes I want to try! I am loving the autumn fruit and vegetables. So colourful and so tasty.

What a wonderful day!

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