Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It was a slow day today, I didn't feel great. When Jeremy got home from work he made us dinner and then ran me a bath, put a towel as a pillow for my head and lit candles. While I soaked away the day, I could hear him banging and drilling as he pulled up carpet on the stairs preparing for our imminent install.

I could never have orchestrated my life to be what I am living today. As I sit next to my husband, watching him enjoy 'Shark Tank'on TV, I feel so blessed. This man is such a gift to me. I get more and more excited about the life God has given us.

Each day I am more amazed at the man God put in my life. I see new facets of him every day and continue to be amazed at the way God knew exactly what I needed in a partner - so much more than I did.

Many of the details of my life are up in the air at the moment, school, job, etc but how can I not trust the God that has brought me this far to take me to somewhere good? I know that His plans for me are to give me a future and a hope.

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