Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just call me Martha...

My hope is to record some of our fun newly-wed adventures. I hope we will look back on it when we are old and grey and laugh as we reminisce! I also recognise how good it is for me to stop and to make time to sift through the experiences life is throwing my way. Thanks for joining me!

Today is Sunday, and I have been leisurely sitting on the couch planning out menus and shopping lists for the next couple of weeks. Being queen of my own kitchen has been such a wonderful new adventure! I discovered a passion for cooking while living with Amanda and sharing her kitchen for so many years. Now I have my own space to create and I am relishing the opportunity. Our kitchen is not the perfect kitchen, it is not remodelled, no granite here, but I love this space and what it represents. A place to call my own. A littl epiece of the world where I get to take ingredients and make good food for my family and friends. A time and place to enjoy God's daily provision in my life, and to be thankful.

So I'm sitting on our couch under a thick blanket, knee deep in Cooking light magazines and am finding yummy sounding recipes and making shopping lists. (The blanket is because Jeremy and his dad turned off the gas to replace the water heater and its freezing in here!)

Now the fall has finally arrived, I can begin to make all the delicious sounding soups that I have been tucking away for just this time of year! In the US pumpkins are big business cooked in recipes not just to make Halloween lanterns and one of the dishes I am most excited about making is pumpkin and red lentil curry. It has become a firm fall favourite over the last few years - my mouth is watering as I type!

Ok, I am signing off. This is my first post in a while and I think I need to ease in gently!

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  1. love the new blog! excited for you that you have your own home and kitchen- and look forward to you sharing recipes with me of all the yummy things you are making! amanda



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