Friday, April 15, 2011

Heading towards 20,000!

When I started this blog, it was a space to document the journey of our marriage and to share with friends and family far and near 'the days of our lives.' Over time it has become more of a life line for me. A space to share thoughts and to process pain and search for hope. I never knew I would connect with so many wonderful people in this way and I never imagined it would become such an important part of our life and family.

I am not concerned with the number of blog hits I get but over time more and more people have begun to follow the sight and walk alongside us in the highs and the lows of life I have seen the ticker moving up too. And this morning when I looked I could not believe that it was approaching 20,000 hits! Wow. That's insane!

I feel so honored to live the life I have, and to have so many people share in it just makes it better.

I wonder what kind of stories I will be sharing at 30,000 or 50,000? I wonder what our lives will look like, and who we will be at those moments in time. I wonder where we will have known victory and where we will still struggle. Have our hearts known their deepest sorrow? Unlikely. Will we trace the lines from present day to the future and see God's hand clearly, or will we strain to find purpose in our journey?

I look forward to being able to answer these questions and living my life in the months and years ahead. I hope you will still be on the journey with us, and giving us the chance to share in your journey too.


  1. oh, i thought by the title, that you were almost 20,000 miles of air flight (with your hawaii trip perhaps?) which would qualify you for a free flight on some miles plans. Shoot, shows you were my longing heart is!!
    regardless, i probably account for 500 "miles" on your blog...i love walking this journey with you. :-)

  2. Chrissie, thanks for being so real and vulnerable with sharing your journey with all of us. Congratulations on the milestone! It's so exciting!



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