Friday, April 1, 2011

Facing my Fears - bikini shopping

So this week was a reminder that it is not fun to swimsuit shop when a) you are not loving your body right now, and b) you are trying them when your skin is so white from the long dreary winter.

We decided to bite the bullet when an opportunity came around for us to book a vacation in Hawaii this spring. We are going with some friends and I am so excited for waking up to the lapping of the waves on the shore, laying by the pool ALL DAY, romantic walks on the sand, adventures to find hidden waterfalls. Even typing that I got distracted and started day dreaming!

But as we booked the tickets a dark cloud came into view...I have to buy a swim suit. Yuck.

I knew that the trying on and mirrors would be a painful experience because of the few extra pounds that are hanging around in places they shouldn't, and the pale canvas they are on! I have one two piece swimsuit right now, but it's a few years old, looking a bit sad and not the best fit so I knew if I was going to feel good about myself in Hawaii I needed to get a new swim suit.

In recent years, I have lost all patience for shopping. The trying on, the 'not available in my size', the 'just can't find exactly what I am wanting' all of it means I needed to change the way I shop. Plus, since I initiated us attending the Financial Peace University I now have a budget I have to stick to, so a little at home prep can make the whole shopping experience better in every way.

I looked at a few different websites to get a feel for styles and after a while stumbled across a two piece at JC Penny that I really liked the look of. I have to buy separates because my top and bottom halves are very different sizes, and this looked like it might be flattering - of course it looks great on the size 0, very tanned model who is displaying it online!

After my browsing, I went into the store and tried it on and would you believe it but it actually looked ok. So this is where the budget conscious me gets really excited. I have such a hard time paying $30 a piece for a two-piece bikini, even when that is the sale price. It's such a small amount of material, even in the most conservative of swim suits.

I headed home, empty handed but with a plan.

I went back online, and found an online coupon for 15% off and then ordered the pieces to be shipped to the store. I get a new bikini - not one that has been tried on by who knows who, it's free to get it shipped to the store, and it cost 15% less than it would otherwise. (Winning!)

Now I just have to wait to go and pick it up, and hope i still like it as much when I get it home.

The pain of bathing suit shopping is over at least for another year, and I came out of it without too many scars! And I will be honest, I suppose having to buy little jersey cover ups, cute dresses and T-shirts and shorts is not so bad when you know a trip to the sunshine in Hawaii is on the cards in the not too distant future!

Ok, all this bikini talk is motivating me to go and work out...even if the heavy rain I hear pounding on my roof makes me feel like staying put on the couch with a blanket and a good book.

Sweat pants on - we have lift off!

Ok - here is the link to a pic, seriously flatters the larger derriere!


  1. I applaud you. I am NOT looking forward to this time of year, for that reason.

  2. A vacation to Hawaii sounds wonderful! The sun kissed beaches are just waiting for you. And if you still have time, then you could use the time to tone up a little :) As for bikini shopping, I am a size 4-6, but I am so conscious of unwanted blubber in the wrong places that I stick to tankini style tops.

  3. post a link to the pic online so I can see!



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