Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I love spring time. I love the hope it offers. The newness of everything. The flowers bringing splashes of colour to the world. I also love spring cleaning, weird? Perhaps but I do! Making the house fell fresh, a time to clean out closets and get rid of junk. I love how the house feels after the spring clean. And everywhere smells so fresh when you can clean and keep the doors and windows open for a while to air everything out. Wonderful.

Over the past year or so I have been very aware of the chemicals that are in so many cleaning products and wanting to eliminate as many of them as possible from our environment.

I believe this change is a good health decision for us but I also feel a personal conviction that this is a way to put my faith into action. We are called to care for the earth and when we clean with products that are full of harmful things, we may get a shiny toilet bowl but at what expense as we contribute to polluting our air and possibly our water?

I have found a ton of 'recipes' online for cleaning solutions, lots using lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. I need to get some empty spray bottles to start this new healthy phase of cleaning. But I will be pairing those with some 'green' cleaners that I have found.

We use a natural toilet bowl cleaner, made by Seventh Generation and non-toxic wood floor cleaner by Method. This makes me feel better when I am inhaling it as I clean. The floor cleaner smells so wonderful, it's almond scented, so good. I admit, I am not totally green just yet, but I am hoping to be very soon. I look forward to finding the natural, inexpensive cleaning solutions that can keep our house clean and our bodies and our planet healthy.

I have also found some biodegradable/recyclable sponges for doing dishes, and use washable rags and clothes to clean. This feels like a very small change to reduce waste rather than the rolls and rolls of paper towels and the cleaning wipes I was going through. I just throw them in with the hot wash each week and voila, clean for the next time.

Does you have good recipes that you use to clean your home in a natural way? I am looking for tips that get the job done! Are you making changes in your home to go green?

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  1. Our house is completely chemical free. I have sold Norwex Enviro Products for almost three years and it's been life changing... my kids health especially. It's amazing how much those small changes can change our lives... :)



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