Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A taste of summer

Seems like Summer has come early to Seattle. A couple of weeks ago we had a run of days in the high 70's up to the 80's  and this week is the same. Levi is my outside boy. He just loved to be out running around, playing on bikes and throwing balls but with the weather heating up we can add water play into the mix and he's in heaven.

The downside is that he is my little blondie and his fair skin does not do well in the hot sun. Levi thankfully continues to be very compliant about wearing his sun hat, but I still have a hard time keeping him sun screened up. Our side deck and the strip of grass beside it that we call the back yard has no shade and gets bright, direct sun from about 11am until the evening. When I had leisure time to sit out in the sun and read and relax with an ice lolly or a cold Sangria the intense heat was fabulous but with these two babies its tough. I think we need to invest in some kind of shade to make our outside space work. It just makes me even more eager to find a new house soon, one with a back yard that has more space, even one that needs work but will be worth the investment. I ordered a kiddie pool online an am searching for canopy/tent options that don't cost a fortune to make the most of what we have. I will be searching yard sales and consignment scales for sand and water tables and an easel to add to the fun. Not to mention turning some of Levi's vehicle fleet into outside toys!

Thankfully, we have many sweet friends with yards like the one I covet and we have been fortunate to have spent the past two days out enjoying the morning sunshine with our friends.

Yesterday, Levi had a blast riding bikes in one friends yard, playing in their playhouse and shooting hoops in the basketball hoop and this morning we were playing out in another friend's paddling pool and jumping through their sprinkler. It's been hard to coax him back inside for lunch but he has certainly eaten a lot when I finally manage it. All that playing makes a kid hungry :)

And then there is Nora, sweet Nora who is too hot in the heat and too cool in the shade. I love these teeny baby days but I am looking forward to her being able to play more. By this age Levi had a fairly consistent schedule but she is carted around so much that she sleeps on an off and especially in the car. I feel bad for her. And again, I wonder how to balance the needs of both my babies.

I am hoping that in the coming weeks, when Levi can get some good playtime in our yard with my new additions, I hope that Nora can start getting good naps in and finding more of a regular schedule. Of course, in an ideal world this also leaves us a window in the morning to go out before lunchtime and Levi's nap too, I guess we will see. 

So thankful for sunny days and friends to play with, it certainly makes this crazy season more enjoyable!

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