Friday, May 23, 2014

There were four in the bed...

Transitioning Levi to a bed after his crib climbing antics has been a tiring process. The toddler bed we borrowed just didn't work out for us. He would constantly roll off it, sometimes waking and other times not but it was easy to tell the lack of bars around the small mattress did not provide the security he wanted or needed to sleep.

So within a week, we went to having him sleep on a regular twin/single bed mattress. For now its on the floor so any rolling off would be less likely to disturb him. I was hoping the extra space on the mattress would hep him feel more secure because he sleeps ok in our bed on our mattress when he can stretch out, I suppose time will tell. [Side note: he looks so little in the twin bed, makes my heart warm to see he still is my little baby even though hes growing up fast]

The first night on the twin mattress he slept through until 5am when he woke up so sad and came in with the rest of us where we all slept until 7ish. Last night was a different story, at around midnight he was inconsolable and ended up in with us. He hasn't been napping quite as long as usual either because of the new bed situation, I assume, so he's generally sleeping less each day which is making him a real joy to parent too (!)

There is something wroong when the newborn in your household is getting the most sleep!

Nora still sleeps in her bassinet which sits on our bed waking just once or twice through the night - she goes down between 7 and 8pm. I think she would go earlier if we were home, we need to start respecting that more, but I confess since Levi started going to bed later and we have been able to go out to dinner or do things in the early evening its been so nice, I have been very resistant to go back to the early, early nights at home but I know we need to.

We are very fortunate to have the space to have a king bed but with the bassinet it can feel a little crowded. Add in the squirmy, stretch out all over and lay sideways almost 2 year old - did I mention he snores?! - and none of us are getting much sleep. Both J and I are nursing sore backs and aching bodies from having slept in the strangest positions to accomodate out=r off spring sleeping in with us.


We are ready for the bed transition to be over and for Levi to return to being an all night sleeper so we can be that too. Or at least J can and I can only have to worry about being up to feed the baby.

You don't realise why parents talk about sleep so much until you become a parent and realise how vital it is to harmonious family life!!

Heading to sleep now and hoping for a good long uninterrupted stretch! Goodnight to you all!

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  1. I totally get this! I am a mom of 3 right now with a baby girl on the way this August. My 6 and 5 year old sleep great in their own beds in their room, but my 1 year old has been giving us such a rough time at night and I am so afraid he will still be struggling when baby comes. I. Am. So. Tired.



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