Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dear Nora - Three Months Old

My sweet, sweet girl,

I want to bottle you at this darling age. Your smile lights up a room. You make us work hard for a laugh but its so worth it.

You are loving time on the floor on your playmat and have a good old natter with yourself in the mirror. Your legs kick, kick, kick and your arms flap about as you get more and more excited.

You were starting to get more fussy in the evenings which I think was your way of requesting an earlier bedtime. Instead of just have you nap through the evening and coming to bed with us, we needed to start bath, books and bed just like we did with your brother, and give you a quiet, dark place to settle for the night. Since we started having you sleep between 8 and 8.30pm you have been sleeping 7 hours pretty consistently. Fabulous!

You have started to love the water at bathtime, kicking your feet and splashing as you shout and smile. You almost always give yourself the hiccups with all your happy chatter.

You came on the women's retreat with me and travelled all the way to Leavenworth falling asleep as we set off and waking up at the end of the trip both ways! You got lots of attention from all the other ladies and were a total star the whole time. I loved having some one on one with you.

You have discovered your hands and as you hold them in front of you you now bring them to your mouth and suck on them like no tomorrow. You have once or twice found your thumb which you were very happy about. I think you are going to be a thumbsucker just like I was once you get more control over your digits.

You have also started to grab at the toys on your rocker and bring them to your mouth. I cannot believe that you are growing up so fast and changing so quickly, discovering the world in a new and beautiful way.

You have officially been in 3 month clothes for a couple of weeks so I have had to say goodbye to more of my favourite little outfits as I pack them away.

Sorry that your schedule during the day seems so disrupted.  I am praying that we can figure out how to give you more of a routine with better naps in there to help you out. I am so thankful that you are flexible and easy going. You really are such a good baby.

I love you so much baby girl,

Love you xx

Here is Nora showing off her grasping skills holding the string of the balloon. She was pulling it up and down and so excited, kicking her legs and waving her arms - which of course made the balloon bounce again and start the whole hilarious situation over. And below, from her 3 month shoot :)

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