Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Levi - Twenty One Months Old

My, my, my, hello toddlerhood!

This has been quite the month for you my boy. We have seen the crazy emotions exploding in tantrums this month. Meltdown city! You are starting more and more to push boundaries when we tell you "no" or ask you to stop doing something. It's exhausting but I am praying that God equips us to shape you to be a man of character :)

As things have become tougher in parenting you in certain areas, they have also become more enjoyable in others. Your sense of humour is coming out in so many ways and its a joy to witness and you have us laughing all the time. Like the other night when we had friends to dinner, our friend Ben introduced himself to you and you took it in. Later when we were sitting down at dinner, you pointed to him and said, "Big Ben's chair" Your only association with the name Ben comes from all our indoctrination of all things England and from then on, he was "Big Ben" :)

Baseball season has given you a new obsession. You love to "it der ball wit der bat" You do it from morning to night and are excited to run the bases around the dining room table and receive high fives when you make a home run. You even count yourself, "strike one" when you swing and miss!You went to your first Mariner's game and you loved it! You met the Mariner Moose and gave him a high five which you are so proud about!

You have realised you can climb out of your crib and are a pro already, you seem to have super human strength and can pull yourself out, up onto your change table/dresser so your sleep sack does nothing to prevent your escapes. We are trying you in a borrowed toddler bed to see if you are really ready for a big boy bed - and if we are ready for you to be in one!

You now walk down the stairs with ease and you like to count as you go. You are really good at counting to 14 because that's how many stairs we have!

When you said, "Train tracks! Up in the sky!" To describe the power lines you could see.

Seattle kid, I opened the garage door when you were buckled facing backwards and your scrunched up eyes and face looked at me and said, "Mummy! Sunglasses!"

We celebrated your twenty first month and Mother's day on the same day. Here is a photo of us at the zoo. It was bright! ha ha

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