Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th 2010

Happy Independence day to all my American family and friends!

I used to be conflicted about celebrating this holiday because of what it represents and because the colour of my passport would denote that this is a holiday 'not for me'. However, as I have begun to embrace this land as home, I feel that it is more than OK to celebrate it's birthday - although, I will still abstain from wearing anything with an eagle on it for the foreseeable future.

This day has also got me thinking about the words liberty and freedom. Not just for a country but more so when we apply them to our lives as believers. What does it mean in my life, day to day that I am free in Christ?

I will spend eternity with my LORD, but what am I doing in the meantime with all the liberty and freedom I have because of that? Sometimes, I know I let fear get the better of me. Instead of feeling free, I feel confined by my own limitations and apprehension. Or I become stagnant and lazy, choosing not to embrace and engage but simply to watch.

I live in a country which celebrates it's liberty and freedom and I am choosing to celebrate that for my life too. I am free, and I have been given freedom to live an abundant life (John 10:!0). Sometimes I forget that and I am satisfied with less.

I have the freedom to live life in the most extravagant and amazing ways, I simply have to step out in faith, and follow my heavenly Father's leading. He has good things planned for my life, he has hard lesson for me to learn, but he loves me fully and gives me every good gift (James 1:17) I just have to step out in liberty and freedom, and step into the abundant, transforming life that is before me.

Today I celebrate America's birthday, and I celebrate my freedom in Christ. Fireworks and friends are a perfect way to celebrate both!

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