Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making a difference

Last night on our local news I heard a story that just melted my heart. Those of you who know me know that two of my biggest life loves are children and Africa and this story brought the two together in a magical way.

It featured a little boy who is raising money to send kids to school in Sierra Leone, Africa. His mother had been in the Peace corps in Sierra Leone and in recent years had taken him with her on trips to the nation she had fallen in love with. She had started a charity to build schools in this devastated nation and inspired by that, her son Michael had his idea for this project.

Michael's goal is to raise $10,000 which would send 40 kids to school starting this September. He wrote letter to everyone he knows asking them to send $1 (wrapped in a piece of paper inside the envelope.) He then asks that those people send letters to 10 people they know, hoping to get to 10,000 to reach his target.

I am not sure exactly what about this story moved my heart but I just couldn't let it pass without sending my $1 and writing my letters (in the form of posting on here, on Facebook and sending emails)

It is so important that children in Africa receive an education, they are the people who can transform their nation. They will determine the future of their continent. What a gift they receive through this act.

The other piece I love, is the passion and heart of this little boy. It just goes to show the capacity for love kids have. I want to empower kids who are making a difference in this world so they dream bigger.

If you want to be a part of making this little boy's dream come true, and by extension changing the lives of 40 kids in Sierra Leone please send your $1 to the address below. I also included the link to the web page.

Kids Helping Kids
Schools for Salone
PO Box 25314
Seattle WA 98165-2214

Here is the link to their website schoolsforsalone.org

What a great world we live in! When we have kids, I hope we raise them to be world changers and to believe they CAN make a difference in the world.


  1. And how beautiful is that?! How wonderful his mother raised him with a love for people and a heart for Africa. So special. I will gladly mail in my dollar to help him reach is goal. :o)

  2. It's awesome that this little boy sees and understands how big the need is for school. Aside from the basic necessities like food and clean water, the key to a bright future is education. I am very much pro school for children in poverty!



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