Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming back and taking a bite out of life!

I think I need another few days in my week to be content. Recently I have been feeling like I am being stretched so thin. Working part-time, being in school, being a wife and a friend means I am in a head spin most of the time. I feel like I am doing nothing well and my relationships suffer the most. How to scale back?
How can I live well with the time I have? What has to give?

My spiritual life is also suffering, I am feeling sluggish and stuck in a rut. My passion is fading, and I feel like I am going through the motions. I can pray for other people but my own journey feels stagnant. I am not blind to the way these two problems are connected.

When I feel disconnected from the Lord, I quickly turn to other things to keep busy and make me feel good. They (of course) fail to do so and I am left busier than ever to regain balance. I know that I should be face down, drawing close to the Lord, seeking forgiveness and letting Him tell me who I am. It just seems like that would take time, and I am feeling so rushed by life that I neglect meeting with God to make time for other 'more pressing' cleaning the bathroom, or making banana bread.

The sad part is that when Jesus and I are on the same page, life is always better, and the cleaning and baking and relationships in my life come alive! They mean so much more, and they teach me more about myself, because I recognise God's presence with me in all the moments and details of my day to day life.

I hear you - Get off the computer and open your bible, silly goose (you can substitute your own pet name there if you don't like the one I used!) So I will. I need you Lord, and I know my life is better when I am clinging to you. I want to hear your voice, and step out in faith to the things you call me to. Please give me strength, wisdom and discernment in my weakness. I need you and I am so thankful for the way the world tastes better when you're the center. I am about to take a BIG bite!

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