Monday, July 26, 2010

The kindness of strangers - and a little wine

Jeremy and I took a long weekend visit to Napa, to spend time with his good friend Adam, his wife Lisa and their two adorable kids. It would have been rude not to taste some wine while in the valley, and the California beach was calling us for some attention too. It was a great time. Traffic out-smarted us on the way to the airport and we missed our scheduled flight home, and thanks to the many soccer teams heading home from a tournament in California this weekend we couldn't get a flight out until this morning. What a chore, we 'had' to spend a night in a hotel and spend some quality time together watching a movie and eating in-n-out burger!!

Seriously, even though God didn't answer our prayers to get on the flight yesterday, he still gave us the hook up in terms of the people he connected us with to get us home and make our final hours in Oakland so lovely. We were so taken care of by the Alaska Airlines customer service people I even sent an email saying so to the customer service folks. What a reminder of how much it can mean when we go out of our way to serve someone else, even strangers. Seriously, the Alaska counter rep was leaving for the day and saw us leaving (we were heading to rent a car to DRIVE thorough the night to get home for a work commitment in time!) she came outside after us and asked if we were OK. When we said what we were thinking she persuaded us to come back inside and she managed to get us booked on a flight for this morning. Not in her job description at all, but how wonderful to be on the receiving end of someone elses kindness.

And then when the shuttle driver was taking us to the hotel, he asked if we had eaten dinner and when we said no, he took us to a nearby restaurant to get some dinner so we didn't have to pay for room service! I am going to keep this memory with me in the hopes I can make others feel as cared for as she made us feel.

One of the really fun things for me to experience this weekend (apart from the wine) was watching Jeremy play with our friend's little boys. They are aged 2 and 3 and are so much fun! It makes me even more excited to start our own family when I see what a wonderful father he is going to be.

Here are a few shots of our time

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