Monday, July 19, 2010

There's no place like home, there's no place like home

Jeremy has stopped leading worship at church at least for the summer. There was a lot behind his decision, but ultimately I am very grateful for his willingness to sacrifice for the health of our marriage and I believe God will bless him and us in this. One wonderful benefit to him not having that commitment on Sundays is that we have the freedom to make plans for our weekends without having to be back at a certain time.

I love, love, love being away with Jeremy. We have so much fun when we are not distracted by the 'to do' list that we call our house! We've had such sweet times together, laughed more than ever and simply relished the gift of marriage we have been blessed with. We have been gone the last 3 weekends for at least one night. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends but it has been so refreshing and made our weekends seems much longer.

As much as I have loved being gone, I also love coming back. All of a sudden I get giddy excited to be coming home again. I don't recognise how much I love my house until I am gone, and I certainly do not appreciate our WONDERFUL bed until I have spent a night or two on a blow up mattress!

As we pull into our driveway a wonderful peace and contentment flood over me and I truly know I am home. It took a while to feel that way about this house, but now I love it.

This past weekend we were in Enumclaw for a weekend party thrown by some friends. We stayed over Friday night and almost ended up staying Saturday night too because I accidentally locked the car keys in our trunk! Luckily, I realised right away and we called our insurance road side assistance, who sent someone out - from Seattle - to rescue them. That took a couple of hours, so poor us we had to stay a little longer...we did some more lounging in the sunshine, played another round of beer golf, floated in a raft on the creek, drank another margarita (or 2), and laughed with our fabulous friends. Not really a chore!

But after all the fun and games it was good to be back in our bed to fall asleep.

In other news, pretty sure this weekends festivities didn't really help the whole getting fit gig, but today is a new day - or at least tomorrow will be it's bedtime as I right this!


  1. i really enjoy reading your blogs. I think you have so much wisdom and the little pics you put in are really cute too


  2. That's such a tough decision to make. But you know what? Your marriage is your first ministry! I absolutely think you made the right decision. At the moment my husband and I are going through some very similar tough decisions regarding church service.

  3. So true! I'm excited for you to have the traveling opportunities. Both my hubby and I are involved in church ministries so I totally know what you mean about being tied down on weekends. I also love being gone, but I LOVE being home!!! I'm a little, no, a LOT attached to my mattress :-). Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  4. Oh, and P.S. - thanks for your GREAT B&B amenities ideas! I loved them :-)

  5. On Sunday I locked my friends' keys in her trunk when we got done with hiking. Unfortunately for us we had gone swimming in a freezing gorge and our changes of clothes were in the car. Whoops!



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