Saturday, August 7, 2010


Since I began dipping my toes a little more into the waters of blogland I have come across some fabulous and creative women. I feel as though I am discovering this gem, hidden amongst the years of information there is on the internet. Blogland is a quiet place. Somewhere to reflect, to be real, to share our thoughts , hearts, fears and joys and connect with others who 'get it.'

I am inspired to ask for help with decorating ideas, share menus and recipes, ask for prayer and support others in that way. The internet really isn't just about porn...we have taken it and made it beautiful.

In blogland, the internet connects family and friends and lets us build a new community of people to share life in this new, and different way.

Thanks for welcoming me so warmly.

I am typing this sitting on our brand new bed. We were given a mattress and box spring by my in-laws for our wedding which has been greatly appreciated, but has been sitting on the floor surrounded by a mish-mash of other furniture for a year. We have been searching for a bed and bedroom furniture for about 6 months and not found anything we liked. I didn't realise we were so picky, or rather I didn't realise it would be so hard to find what we wanted.

Our criteria:
sleigh head board that was solid - some are really flimsy.
Dark wood stain. Not black.
Night stands which were not open. We both have lots of little bits and bobs on our night stands and this way it can clear the clutter out of sight but we can still have our essentials close at hand...where my hubby would be without his shot glass full of neon orange ear plugs I dread to think?!

Was that too picky?

Our thinking was that you have your bedroom set forever. Its not like a couch which gets worn and replaced, it grows old with you. So it felt like an investment in our future - plus its almost our one year anniversary and what a great gift to ourselves! Back to our search - Over 4th of July weekend, we trawled the furniture stores and stumbled across the perfect set, which was made even more prefect but he big sale they were having. Normally Jeremy is not someone known to make expensive decisions quickly. I love him for this, he wants us to be wise stewards of the resources we have been trusted with, but at the same time I was a little nervous it could squelch our chances of getting this set because we had to decide and buy it before Monday night and it was Saturday evening when we found it.

We went home and measured. It would fit. We prayed about it and then went back on Monday satisfied to make the purchase if we both still liked it. Which we did, and now I am really so happy with our decision. He is too. It was delivered yesterday and looking at our bedroom now, we feel like grown up's all of a sudden!

However with the furniture in place, we now have to seek out matching bedside lamps, and finally get some art, photos or anything on the walls!

Any ideas for creative things to decorate or places to look for wall art online or in person would be appreciated. Here is our blank canvas!



  1. It's beautiful Chrissie! I love that style. Isn't it exciting to sleep in a bed that's meant just for you and Jeremy... and you'll have forever!
    I love groups of framed photos on big walls... or you could intersperse small ledges with objects or photos... and you can always change it around if you get bored with it :)

  2. really, really nice choice! do you have a queen or king? we still don't have a bedroom set and we're celebrating 7 years this month.

  3. I love picture walls too Katie! I'll have to se where inspiration leads.

    And Sarah it's a king, we decided to go big or go home!

  4. Hi Chrissie! Beautiful new bedroom looks like it was worth the wait. Very classic too, so I know you'll never get tired of the style. I think the picture wall is a great idea. That's what we have above our bed. There is also some BEAUTIFUL vinyl wall art out there. That way you can change it easily if you're the kind of person who gets bored w/ things easily (like me ;-)). - You could always do the eclectic thing, and hang unusual things on the wall: old windows, a beautiful door, shutters, etc.-

    Btw, I just read your older posts, and they were very thought provoking.- I know what you mean about how easy it is to "sit on the sidelines" or get distracted by meaningless things. I'm on a campaign at the moment to be a participator in the big things in life. Squeeze every ounce of joy out of each day that I can! It's a journey, but I want to be on it!

    Love to communicate w/ you more about it if you're interested. I love provoking conversation.- It helps us grow! Have a lovely Tuesday C!



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