Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just a little update

Having asked for prayer for my Doctors appointment I wanted to just give a quick update. It was a pretty emotional visit for me, I had been totally fine and then as I walked into her office the whole thing was suddenly so sad again. That said I don't think I did the best job at explaining my fears or asking questions but the Doctor was gentle with me. She just said that such early miscarriages were not unusual and were not necessarily an indication that I couldn't have a healthy pregnancy next time. She said there was nothing they could test for that would be helpful. So, no quick easy answers. There might have been a little relief in hearing there is no obvious problem - except I feel like there is something not quite right, I just don't know what it is or if I am just crazy and maybe shes right. Maybe our next pregnancy will be healthy and result in a healthy baby, I just have a feeling that is not the case and I can't put my finger on what the feeling is. I do however know that God is bigger than this struggle and ultimately His will prevails.

So we keep praying and trusting.

She said there was no physical reason not to start trying again right away. I want to hear as good news but it makes me anxious. Please pray for peace, and for us to be blessed with our very own little miracle very soon.

Thanks for caring and praying. Please be sure to let us know how we can be praying for you too.

This weekend we celebrate our one year anniversary and then a few weeks after that my parents and my brother are coming to visit, not to mention my birthday! We have lots of reasons to celebrate and there is a lot of joy coming our way in the next month or so. God is taking good care of us.


  1. Hi Chrissie! Glad to hear about all the good things coming up that you have to look forward to! I just realized that I never shared my Spinach Curry recipe with you that you asked for. You can find it here:

    Hope you like it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sweet Chrissie, I know that now no matter how well things seem to be going, you will be filled with fear and doubt until the moment you see you little one. I pray that this is not the case. I pray that on the next go round God will fill you with peace and comfort. If something truly is wrong I pray God would reveal it quickly so that steps can be taken to get it fixed. I love you and am keeping you in mind as you celebrate and as you hurt!



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