Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good night, good morning.

This morning I received this text from my husband. "No I did not catch my bus and yes, I am standing in the rain." He wasn't simply telling me about his morning, but was reminding me that my love affair with our bed had once again caused an upset to the start of his day. Poor baby, it was a really nasty wet day to be waiting for the bus.

Seriously though, I could not get out of bed. It was SOOO comfortable and I was sleeping so soundly it was blissful. But he is right, "Chrissie stop saying sorry, if you were sorry you'd get up earlier." So true, guess I need to stop saying sorry?!

Ha ha ha.

Totally kidding. I recognise that I need to make a change!

Before the autumn days set in and the dark mornings are here I need to start getting to bed on time. I don't know what your night time "wind-down" routine looks like but mine is very inconsistent. This is what I am aiming for...wash my face, floss and brush my teeth, put on cute PJ's, makes a warm drink, climb into crisp clean sheets and read a classic novel before turning out the light and falling into a deep and restful sleep.

And then of course, I would wake up rested and so excited to jump out of bed for the day ahead. So that's the plan...we'll see how it goes!

Hopefully that will help me to make sure Jeremy stays dry and gets to work on time this winter!

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  1. That sounds wonderful Chrissie! I always love it when I manage to accomplish a bedtime "routine", but sadly, it doesn't happen often...I'm too much of a night owl :-) Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars and saying hello! Glad you like the new look. Hope you're having a wonderful day so far my friend...



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