Saturday, May 14, 2011

Between vacation and reality

I think there should be a name for the couple of days between vacation and reality, it is just too hard to get thrown back into life right away!

We had the most wonderful time in Kauai. We snorkeled, sat on beaches - sometime in the rain, watched turtles feeding, a monk seal sleeping on the beach, we hiked along cliff trails and saw amazing views across the canyon. What a beautiful place.

We spent lots of time with our friends but got in some good alone time too which was much needed. Sometimes it can be hard to live in the moment, not wishing away our life today. This vacation was a really good way to remind me of the beauty and blessing I have today.

So I hope this weekend can be my much needed 'in between' time. Time to get through the piles of laundry, catch up on sleep and enjoy these couple of days before Jeremy is back at work and I get back to my piles of forgotten homework.

So I will slather aloe on my sunburned shoulders and drink a glass of wine (or two) and toast to a fabulous vacation. And then on Monday I will be back to reality!

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