Friday, June 15, 2012

33 weeks in bullet points

Honeydew melon, not a craving, but the fruit equivalent of the size of the baby boy I am carrying. Yes, honeydew melons come in varying sizes, but unless his growth rate has dramatically decreased since our last scan, he's one of the bigger melons you could come across.

When we were registering for towels for our wedding, I wondered out loud to Jeremy  as I held up a bath 'sheet', "who would ever need a towel this big?" Guess I answered my own question this morning when I stepped out of the shower and tried to wrap my regular bath-sized towel around me. I could tuck it together around my chest but it flared open from there. Not exactly keeping me dry, cozy and warm as it should. The strangest part is that it seemed to happen overnight because yesterday I did not notice a problem. See, he's a big and growing honeydew!

This child has SO many clothes. I spent time yesterday organizing them by size which made me feel way more confident that he will actually get to wear everything at least once. I even washed the smallest ones and tried to organize drawers. This nesting thing is great for a few hours but I don't think it's fully kicked in because I was very relieved to close the door behind me leaving a BIG mess of clothes and stuff strewn on the floor. "exaggerating" you say, "prove it", I hear you cry, well, here goes...

 ...there is carpet under there somewhere!

Decided it might be time to pack my hospital bag. Just in case this little man decides to come early - here's hoping. Now, what to pack? Tips and suggestions welcome. That said, it's not far for J to run home if we forget something.

Sweet baby Isla Grace entered the world yesterday to David and Anna, what a beauty she is. However, I can honestly say that I think there is such a thing as birth envy. The feeling in the pit of a giant belly when a fellow preggo gets to expel their offspring before you. It's doesn't matter if said offspring was overdue, and said other preggo put in her due diligence, that birth envy rears it's ugly head. I am so ready to be done. Isla, you think you could have a word?

Summer seems to have come to Seattle today, I see sun and blue skies. Nice to wake up to. Would have been nicer if I didn't wake up to it in the 5am hour. My hips have really started to ache and getting comfortable enough to sleep is beginning to become a problem. Maybe I'll nap in the sin later? :)

Wedding rings officially getting tight on my fingers. Guess I am more swollen than I would like to admit.

Men nest too. Case and point, while I sat on the couch eating apple crumble, J spent an afternoon cleaning both the cars, inside and out, did a load of laundry and scrubbed the shower.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. "he's one of the bigger melons you could come across."
    "The feeling in the pit of a giant belly when a fellow preggo gets to expel their offspring before you."

    Those lines cracked me up! You are precious.

    I know it's maybe a bit silly, but don't forget to pack some make up and a hair brush. After giving birth you feel a bit….slimy? gross? I mean it's wonderful, don't get me wrong, but nothing helps more than feeling fresh! :) And don't forget the baby book so they can print his little feet and hands inside!

  2. You had me laughing sooooo hard about the towel!

    Bring a CD player and soothing music. Also, write or type out a letter for the nursery staff if you have certain "non-negotiables". I wrote them and said absolutely no bottle unless I and our pediatrician had been consulted. No nipple confusion this time around :)



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