Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crafting on a stormy day with a big belly

I have loved some of the crafting that I have got to do to get our nursery ready. I am very blessed to have a mother and a mother in law who are skilled seamstresses and have worked to create a beautiful space for their grandson :) I am not so familiar with the sewing machine but I wanted to do some personal touches to make the nursery a special place too.

I had purchased some picture frames on sale a few months ago for the nursery and had planned to transfer some Classic Winnie the Pooh drawings which I had had in my room at home in England into them. The frames were a really cool finish but the mats inside were just plain white. When we bought our nursery fabric for the window seat and crib skirt I thought it would be cool to cover the mats in the same fabric to make them pop - not to mention, make them match :)

This idea got put on the back burner until I knew for sure we had enough spare fabric and that the curtains wouldn't need to have "windows" in the middle to accommodate my mat-covering plans :) Then I got busy and made up some more excuses so they sat unfinished in a pile with some other projects to complete. Now don't let anyone tell you that procrastination is always a bad thing because just a few days ago my friend Rebecca at a bit of sunshine did a tutorial on how to make fabric mat covers for your pictures. Score. Now I really didn't have to think about any of it, I just had to find my spray glue and off I went.

Luckily, or not, the rains poured today and so while my Mother in Law worked sewing curtains, and my Father in law and J worked on creating a pantry in the garage, I finally worked on my frames. It was a very creative and productive day in our house! Sadly, the rhodie in the front garden is still un-pruned, but the at least I have done one of the projects on my list.

Before. This is what the frame looked like.


Ta-da!!! Here is the finished result. The drawing is pencil and didn't photograph too well but it's cute in real life :) I can't wait to hang it on the wall in the nursery, I love seeing his little room come together.

P.S. We are 34 weeks 2 days today. Feeling tired and huge, but trying to savor these final weeks with my boy safe inside me :)

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