Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just another day

It's after 10am and I am still in bed.
Bubs and his affect on my bladder had me up 5 times last night. This is the fourth or fifth night in a row that this has happened to the point that sadly I think it may be the new normal. Each time I went from laying down to standing up the pressure was so intense I thought my waters would have to break just to relieve it. Of course, going to the bathroom helped remove enough access 'water' that that didn't happen but geesh it made it hard(er) to go back to sleep running that scenario through my head over and over.

I am trying to capture on camera just how ridiculous my belly looks today but the shots are not doing it justice. Baby has decided that he wants to stick his head (or butt?) out so it protrudes out from right under/beside my belly button. It seriously looks as though he is trying to come out that way, like in alien. I might have to wear yellow police tape around my belly so that I don't scare small children in public.

In other, dorkier, news we got some of our cloth diapers in the mail the other day and they are SO cute. It seems crazy to get excited about them but I just can't help it. I know it will be a learning curve to use them but I believe and hope it will be worth the effort. I have a lot of great examples of mum's here who have used them successfully and who are championing me to succeed too. Plus, as cute as the diapers are without a baby in them, I know that they will be ten times cuter when my son's precious little bum is in one :)

It looks like it's the start (or middle) of a beautiful day here in Seattle so I am going to make sure that I get outside and take a walk. It will probably be a short one though because I am getting so out of breath these days. I think the realities of the third trimester of pregnancy are really hitting home. But even now, I am aware of what a gift this is. Every sleepless night and every breathless trip us the stairs are only reminders that I have been blessed with the gift of this pregnancy. Yes, it's not all unicorns and rainbows but it is more than I could ever deserve and I want to remember that, and be grateful for experience of pregnancy; the awesome and uncomfortable.


  1. What nappies have you gone for Chrissie? I love a good cloth-bot :-)

  2. Good choice. Nice and easy. I love their Flips as well. Lots of love to you all xx



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