Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anytime (in the next 7 weeks)

The washing machine has been working overtime, as I unpack the mounds of baby clothes, sheets, Boppy covers, bibs, wash cloths and random other things that I want to wash the "just from the factory" smells out of. I did 8 loads of laundry yesterday, and now at just after 9am I am on load number 2 for today.

Early in my pregnancy, and by early I mean about a week and a half before I even missed a period, I connected on an online forum with some other women who had all had multiple losses but we newly pregnant. I guess after multiple losses you need a lot of support very early on because the three women that I first connected with were all due within days of one another. On due the exact same day as me, one the day after and on two days before. The baby due a couple of days before me, was discovered to be twins which was so exciting - and a week ago her little ones made an early arrival in the world. They are tiny, but perfect and doing well. The fact that this was a twin pregnancy gave me some peace that our little man's arrival was still a long way off. Cut to a few days ago and my other friend, who was due the day after me had her waters break and her little girl safely arrived a few hours later.

That one freaked me out a little more. So now it's just us August 2nd girls left, and I think we are both wondering if there is something in the water that might make us deliver early too.

Packing the hospital bag and writing the birth plan became HIGH priority. Just in case he tries to surprise us :) However, I have a sense that we might be waiting post August 2nd for this little man to actually be in our arms but all these early arrivals are making me very aware that we could have this baby anytime.

It's funny because the more prepared I try to get, the more unprepared I feel. I imagine that is normal...or at least that's what I tell myself.

Baby is still kicking away and rolling around in there, he doesn't seem to be showing any desire to show up anytime soon. The doctor thought he had turned to be head down when she checked me last week but he has been moving so much since, I have no idea where he is now. I like that he has really made himself at home in there but now I am wanting to make sure he knows there is n eviction notice being written for sometime this summer :)

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  1. Haha love the last line. I just gave baby and eviction notice! I have 27days or less ahhh! I have the bags back and lists made out but agree I still feel unprepared!!



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