Friday, June 29, 2012

Every pregnant woman's dream

Yesterday we toured the hospital where we will give birth, we scoped out the rooms with the jacuzzi tubs and tried to figure out who we could bribe to get one of those, without success. I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers - and my legs, that one is available when we need it.

The tour made us feel very comfortable about giving birth there, but the reality that we will be walking in to this building one day soon and leaving with another person is still hard to wrap our head around.. During the tour we didn't hear any screaming or cries for a mother to push - not sure if they ask people to keep the volume down for the tour or we were just lucky. We didn't see any large bellied women in socks and a gown revealing her bottom walking the halls - maybe there were no volunteers for that part during our tour? However as we passed one room we did see a proud new father holding his baby bundled in a blanket, annd later another new father, sleepy eyed carrying multiple loads of bags and balloons to the car preparing to leave, and another new father coming in with the car seat, ready to put baby safely in before taking him home. It made it a feel just that little more real :) This is really happening, soon that will J and we will be leaving with our own little totally dependent person!

I hurried home as quickly as my sore back will carry me.[Side note - I am not sure if I pulled something, or if I am just experiencing the consequence of lugging around this gargantuan baby belly but I am moving slower than your grandma at the moment, and not wanting to change positions very frequently. A trip to the bathroom now also involves a lap of the kitchen to fill up my water bottle and find a snack so I only have to face getting up from and sitting back on the couch one time. I see my doctor Tuesday and I am hoping she might offer some advice if it's not better by then.]
The reason for my "hurrying" home was because this quarter I am co-leading a community group through my church with my friend Sara. It is for first-time expectant mums. We meet at our house, so I had left Sara with the key to set up, let people in and start things off but I wanted to get back to see everyone and their growing bellies. We have been wanting to take pictures to see how the bumps are growing, but last night was the first time our collective pregnancy brain had permitted us to remember long enough to do it! Here we are - and yes, we are in order of due date!

This post was wrapping up but I could not go without sharing the delights of my morning. I confess, my back was making me feel pretty blue. I was still in PJ's when the doorbell rang at 9.45am. I didn't answer, but my sneak peak from the upstairs window informed me we had been left a package on the door step. The thought it could be some maternity tank tops I had ordered was the motivation I needed to get up, washed and dressed and then I would let myself open the package.I confess when I saw the giant box and Jeremy's name on the label I was less than I was slightly annoyed about the fact that I had to haul this huge package into the house when my back was barely holding out to stand straight. I thought about using my foot to slide it under the bench and ignore it until J gets home but then something caught my eye. A big sticker with a red penguin that stated "Keep Frozen"... what kind of crazy package is this? I looked closely at the senders address printed in tiny letters and after reading the word "ice cream" I decided it might be worth the effort to bring it in!

Turns out it was a package from J's company for 4th of July. I love the company he works for, and the fact that they get some fancy gifts to celebrate Independence day (almost) makes up for the fact that they have not had a Christmas part for the last couple of years! As a pregnant lady, I would no have had the energy to participate in a Christmas party let alone take advantage of the free booze, but a delivery of ice cream and syrups and sprinkles to my front door is like a dream come true. Seriously. Best package ever.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. We tried to get into yesterday's birthing center tour, but it was full already! That's what I get for procrastinating! I remember taking the tour last time, seeing how calm & quiet things were made me feel a lot more calm about our impending delivery. When we were there, a friend of a friend was checking-in to deliver her twins. When I saw how calm she was, I thought, "okay, I think maybe I can actually do this."

  2. YAy!! You are so close!! SO excited for you!!!!!



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