Monday, June 11, 2012

My week with Mama

We just got back from dropping my Mum off at the airport. It's funny that the airport can be both the happiest and saddest of places. I was so excited a week ago when we went to pick her up. I can't believe that the week has flown by and we have already had to say goodbye. I was a mess on the way home, tears the whole way. It is so strange to think that the next time she is here I will have a baby of my own. I didn't realise just how much I would enjoy doing baby things with her. Simple things like runs to Target or ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby clothes. Instead of dwelling on the sad, I am going to reflect on the fun things we did.

First things first was the wonderful baby shower that Mum was here for.
I woke up on Saturday morning with almost butterfly-like feelings in my tummy. It was my first baby shower. My Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law and my Mum had been in cahoots to plan the event ever since we knew my Mum could make it over for the event.

It was a mix of family and family-like-friends. It was a special time. My Mum brought over a bunch of British chocolate and sweets (not sure how it all fit in her luggage) which were mixed with some American candy on a table decorated with Union Jack bunting and Star spangled banner lanterns. The table was a great conversation piece and guests were invited to make up candy bags as party favors.

The shower included lots of time to visit and catch up while we ate amazing food. There were some fun games, including guessing just how big by belly is. I had measured myself the night before so I knew exactly how far around I was!! 40 inches. Aunt Louise guessed right on...when I asked my Mum she told me that she guessed 48 inches. I am glad I didn't ask anyone else their guesses! ha ha!

My Mother-in-law had commissioned her friend to make a special cake for the event. It was lemon raspberry and so delicious. My favourite part of the cake was the little sugar figure pregnant me.

I am so glad that before she left we were able to pose on the finished window seat cover. It is just perfect, it makes the window seat such an inviting place. I cannot wait to sit on there are read stories to our little man. At the shower., one of Jeremy's cousins gave us a recordable story book of 'Goodnight Moon.' Before she left my Mum recorded herself telling the story. I know she did it for the baby but I think that I will have to listen to it a few times when I am really missing her. I am glad that it is only a couple of months until she is here again.

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