Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby's first year

A little while ago, I got a lovely surprise in the mail, a package from my friend in Texas. She sent me a Baby's First Year Calendar. It is a blank calendar which will start when the baby is born and follow him through the first year of his life. It will be a place to record not just the Dr's appointments, and regular scheduled programming of a child's first year but also the special days, milestones, and play-dates that we will have in his precious first twelve moths of life. 

As I thought about all that this calendar will record I began to get almost overwhelmed with joy. I have waited so long to have a baby to call my own, a child to celebrate and to watch grow up. A little one to teach about the world. A little sunbeam of joy to laugh with and be amazed by as I see the ordinary through their eyes. I cannot wait!!

I imagine that recording life like this will be motivation to fill the year up with fun activities! And I love the idea that in the years to come I will be able to look back and remember this season in this simple way.

I had never heard about these calendars but it has fast become a favourite baby item ;)

I have to say that this child is already so very blessed. My Mum flew here with gifts from friends back home which we have loved opening. What a lucky boy! Even more than the gifts, toys and cute outfits this child had been so covered in prayers. From around the world, friends, and even friends and family of friends have contacted us to share their joy for us and let us know that we had been in their prayers.

Sometimes J and I have conversations about how much is too much to share on the blog. I can have a tendency to overshare, and my sweet hubby is much more private so my blog has certainly been something that we have had to compromise on in many ways. I never want him to feel like he loses his right to privacy. At the same time I love the testimony that our loves and our marriage have been over the past few years. We find a balance. And we certainly reap the blessings of extended community as we have shared our struggles.

We are so thankful for each and every prayer that has been said for us, and we are very aware that the little man who is currently hanging out in my belly is a direct result of them. Which means we can sign you all up for babysitting, right?

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  1. :) I must confess, I liked keeping track of the first year so much that I really contemplated keeping a calendar every year but had to restrain myself when I visualized handing over 18 years worth of calendars to my high school graduate and seeing a roll of the eyes and "geez mom you are nuts" look on his face!



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