Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello Nana

My beautiful mum has flown in for a visit. She arrived on Monday night and we met her at the airport with a sign saying, "Nana" (her pick for what baby will call her). I can't believe it's been over a year sine she has been here. I am so very thankful for Skype to make far away family and friends feel so much closer but it's not quite the same as being able to actually give someone - especially your mum - a hug :)

I have worked hard to get school work done ahead so that this week, which is the last full week of classes, I am not having to do too much (boring) schoolwork and missing out on fun pregnancy and baby fun with my Mum. I am enjoying the fruit of my diligence already as I think ahead and can see only a couple of time sensitive assignments that I can't submit until later this week, but I have done all the prep for them. (Personal cheering squad giving me props right now).

J finished painting the nursery except for a final few touch ups and the crib is back in its place. It's really coming together in there. Honestly all the final preparations are making me slightly anxious. The reality of labor and the fact this baby will be coming out sometime soon is hitting hard but I am trying to stay calm. We met with our Doula, Laurie again this week and talked more about early labor and what to expect and how to prepare. I am trying not to let the anxiety get in the way of any of the fun stuff but it can get hard to keep focus when I know that birth is looming!

I spent a wonderful day yesterday with my Mum and Jeremy's Mom fabric shopping for some projects in the nursery, I am blessed that these ladies both know their way around a sewing machine :) At this very moment I am perched in the rocking chair in the dining room while they have started on day two of pinning and stitching. It makes my heart so happy that both of baby boy' Grannies are able to share in this time of anticipating his arrival by helping us prepare - and we certainly appreciate their efforts!

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