Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear baby boy

Baby Boy,
It seems like a long time since I have written a letter to you, I am sure this will not be the last. In those early days I wrote to you I was begging and pleading with you and with God to be healthy and to stick around. Now you are 31 weeks of baking and I am starting to realize you will be here in person sooner rather than later.

We are still trying to get your nursery painted and ready for your arrival, but have no fear, you will be sleeping with Daddy and I until you are a few months old. It seems natural to be close to each other at the beginning because you and I will have been so close for the past 9 months! I am sure you will adjust much more quickly than me when the day comes to put you in your own room. I have a feeling that you will be an independent little man. It's in your DNA, being the firstborn to two firstborn parents :) Your Nana is coming to visit next week all the way from England and I am excited for you to hear and start to recognise her voice. She will probably be responsible for some of the finishing touches to your nursery and you can thank her with cuddles when she and Grandad visit again after you are born.

Last night at our second birth class you seemed pretty opinionated about certain birthing positions and breathing exercises. Thanks for weighing in, I will try to take it all into consideration when you are making your arrival!

You are moving and rolling and kicking all the time at the moment. I love feeling your kicks. I am pretty sure a little foot stuck out of my belly earlier! At night you have got into the sweetest habit of snuggling up with your bum sticking out by my belly button. I can't wait to see that cute tushie in real life. I appreciate your patience with me during the night. I toss and turn trying to get comfortable and am up and down to the loo and with each adjustment I make, I feel you having to readjust too.

My longest stretch of sleep is usually from 4am until your daddy gets up for work. I think you hear him get up and it is your signal to wake for the day. You start to wiggle, I have been woken up for the past month, with you having your morning stretch as I hear your Dad stepping into the shower. I wonder if this will continue after you are born. You could go and sit in a bouncer in the bathroom with him while I catch a few more z's, what do you think?

You still seem to go crazy when I drink anything too cold. Sorry if it freaks you out, sweet boy. I will try and keep the iced beverages to a minimum. I really love that I can start to know you already, even in these small ways. I have always tried to make the best choices for you, eating well, learning to drive, resting when my body tells me I need to and being active at other times but I like that I can start to make decisions based on your actions and what I perceive you like or don't like.

I am falling in love with you more and more each day.

Love Mama x


  1. Just popped into your blog to see how you were doing as I haven't seen you on BNB lately...can't believe you're so far along already! So excited for you!



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