Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artist of Heaven

Impending motherhood has been a much needed wake up call for my devotional life. I have always struggled to be consistent in this area of my life, and when things get busy it can often be the first thing that gets forgotten. However, recently in church there have been many mentions made to the beauty of intimacy with Christ and how that intimacy comes simply from sitting with Jesus. Together, my awareness of the huge life change ahead, and the voice of my Lord calling me to spend time with Him have resulted in some great quiet times.

I have been reflecting on the passages we have been studying on Sundays and feeling as though the Lord has been unpacking them even more to make them a personal daily lesson.

In the midst of all that is going on in life today and all the changes that are ahead, I am seeing more and more that these times are vital to my survival! I need quiet time. I need to give over my day to the plans God has. I want to know I am going through the events of the day in God's strength and not my own and I love that I can feel confident in His grace for the times I mess up.

As we sang in church this week, the song 'Artist of Heaven' rang out a new truth. As my body is getting more uncomfortable, ankles beginning to swell after standing too long and low blood pressure causing dizziness and hot flashes it can be easy to forget the miracle that pregnancy is. Each baby is knitted together in perfection, in the image of God. What is happening in my body is a miracle and I am beyond blessed to have been chosen for this miraculous adventure. There is a line in the song that says, "Artist of Heaven, alive in me" and as this little boy kicks and rolls making my tummy turn incredible shapes I want to always be reminded of God's hand and design in this creation. I had always heard that line in terms of my own life and how God was working to create something through my life, which is still true, but in this new, pregnant season it took on a whole new meaning too.

So today, I am appreciating the work of majestic artistry squirming around in my belly, and I am taking the charge to make today one of beauty and intentionality for me too, Happy Wednesday to you all x

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