Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Driving Practice

This morning J's dad came over and took me for a driving lesson. I am really, really hoping to take (and pass) my test before the baby comes. I am not sure how realistic this is, but I am planning to give it my best shot. I am a very anxious driver at this point so I am hoping that more hours behind the wheel will help alleviate some of my fears.

To this point in life, driving would have been a cherry on top. Meaning that having never been a driver I manage to get around fine. I have very gracious friends who pick me up when we go places further away, and I can navigate the buses without a second thought, but all of a sudden packing a baby and all of his "stuff" and getting to and from places around nap schedules or feeding times makes me really recognise the benefit of having a place on wheels which can hold all the stuff I might need for him as well as keeping us out of the rain (this is Seattle) and gets us to and from home or to and from the store in the quickest time possible. Plus, there are play dates and swim lessons and MOPS just around the corner which I want to participate in and I would like the ease of having a car to get me there without a second thought. The idea that baby boy could be limited in any way because I don't drive breaks my heart, and motivates my behind to get behind the wheel!

J had been taking me out driving some evenings, but honestly by about 4pm I am spent and driving as a anxious driver when you are tired, uncomfortably pregnant and it's getting dark did not make for a fun time. I drive us to and from church on the weekends without any trouble and even manage a stop and park at Starbucks if it's an early start, but that wasn't a ton of time behind the wheel and I didn't feel confident to push myself to try new driving tricks, such as the freeway! This week my father-in-law has a couple of hours each morning where he has time to drive with me and I am excited to make the most of his offer!

Today, we drove around a quiet neighbourhood where he taught me to parallel park over and over anytime a spot looked good. He also wen to the local beach park and navigated parking in a spot between two cars! Both types of parking I have avoided in the past because I was afraid. Perhaps tomorrow will be freeway day?! I have a crazy fear about merging so that should be entertaining...well, not for the other drivers I guess!

Anyway, the driving is finally feeling more like something I can master. Any prayers in this direction would be GREATLY appreciated. Especially for confidence...and competence I guess! Thanks.

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  1. When I learned to drive the freeway was also scariest to me. Im sure you will have it mastered in no time:)



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