Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr. Who?

Search is on for a baby doctor, or more accurately a doctor for our baby. And yes, I know he is not here yet but according to my OB this is something we need to get squared away now so that they can be on call as soon as baby arrives.

I had a family doctor that I saw for my whole life. I went to the practice when I had the mumps and the chicken pox, through my anxiety, first PAP smears and travel injections. I know all the doctors and they know me. And they knew my family.

When I moved to Seattle I didn't have a doctor for a long time, I was blessed to be healthy and not need one :) Then when I was about to get married, I signed up with my OBGYN. It felt strange to meet a new person who I was trusting with my health. Then I had a funky mole, and my trusted OB no longer fit the bill and I had to find a dermatologist. I managed to find a lovely lady who made me and my moles feel right at home, well she lopped it off so I am not 100% sure how that particular mole felt but me and the skin doc get along well enough that my rave review convinced J to move to her practice too.

Then one day as part of our adoption home study I needed to get a medical and some booster jabs. Medical issues that didn't fit under the OBGYN or the dermatologist. So my search for a G.P. began. I found a pretty old school doctor, she is opinionated but honest and someone who I feel I can be honest back with. All in all a good fit and I hope that I won't have to add any more doctors to my arsenal.

However, with our little guy on his way we do need to add one more member tot he team. I was going back and forth about whether I wanted us to join a practice as a family but I think for the beginning at least we are going to go the pediatrician route and see what happens. Learning the health insurance system here is certainly a curve that keeps me on my toes. So finding a high quality, fairly local pediatric practice that is covered by our insurance has been a top priority this week.

It's a big deal. We will be entrusting the health and care of our baby boy to this person and I want them to give the highest level of care.I have a list of questions that I want to ask when I do meet and greets with my top candidates. Control freak much?

Any mamas or daddies out there have suggestions of things I should add to my list to ask?


  1. I was lucky enough to switch insurance right after Will was born and it allowed him to see the same pedi that I saw as a kid!! I love this guy and feel so fortunate to be able to have this opportunity (I just hope he can practice through Will's 18th bday!).

    I think the biggest thing is to try to schedule a meeting with a pedi before the baby gets here. A dr that is willing to sit down with you and talk through things before you "commit" is SO valuable and I have had trouble finding that around here. Also, I know you are exploring all of your parenting decisions /philosophies right now, but finding someone who thinks along the same lines as you do is huge. Good luck girl! It's overwhelming!

  2. Close to home is VERY important to us! It makes everything easier if the office isn't far away, especially if something seems very wrong and you want to get there in a hurry. I also really appreciate that our ped office has a "well-waiting area" that is separate from the general waiting room, so when you take the little (healthy) baby in for scheduled check-ups, you aren't waiting in the same room with all the sick kids.



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