Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet cheeks (..and sweet feet)

Sweet baby boy,

Happy 30 weeks of life! Yesterday we saw your sweet face for the first time on a 3D ultra sound. You are adorable, and so handsome just like your Daddy. I guess you are going to take after him in other ways too, he was a chubber at birth and apparently you are already almost 4lbs and in the 82nd percentile for size so looks like you are heading that way too.

You still like to have that hand up by your face. I am not sure if that is just your shy side coming out for scan pictures. Although, you are certainly not shy about showing us the crown jewels, you are obviously proud of those! ha ha!

To see your little legs stretching out, and to see those sweet teeny feet was amazing. While we were looking in awe and I was counting your tiny toes you gave a good solid kick. Our friend, Miss Emily (who you will meet when you get out here) was doing the scan for us and she even commented on what a big kick it was. It was funny to see what those kicks look like from the inside out! I have been feeling them for a long time, but this was so different.

We were so proud that your scan etiquette had seemed to have improved because for most of the scan you were behaving and cooperating so well. However, towards the end it seemed like you had had enough and once you were done you did a complete flip over and faced into my back. I guess you are already your own man.

I am getting so excited to meet you in person. Tonight at our baby class which we are taking so we know how to take care of you, we had to say how early or late we thought you would be and when we have our reunion after all your little ones are born we can see who got the closest. I guessed you would be born on time, partly because we know exactly when you started and they say that due dates are usually off because of poor dating scans. Anyway, Daddy thinks you will be 2 weeks late. Now, I want you to come when you are ready but know this - I am the one who will be feeding you, so figure that into your decision :)
Know that whenever you come we will be thrilled.

We love you little man, and continue to pray that God prepares us to be the best parents we can be for you.

Mama x


  1. He's BEAUTIFUL, Mama! (ahhm. handsome. he probably wants to hear "handsome")


  2. OH YEAH! That's my girl Emily taking those gorgeous photos of that little miracle!! So glad they are posted so I can see her work as well. Just thought you might also like to know you have been on my prayer list for awhile!! Glad to see things progressing so well and I will keep on praying until you are holding,nursing, and loving this little guy! Blessings to your family as you travel this road called parenthood! Kathleen Krouse



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