Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clearing the cobwebs?

Motivation for school assignments seems to be impossible to find today. I am hoping that purging some of the things on my mind might help blow away the dust in my head and give me the kick I am so desperately needing!
So here goes another bullet point post.

1. Tomorrow our new dishwasher gets delivered! When we moved in to our house, it came with the original dishwasher. And now, after 17 years of service we are retiring it. It had become much more temperamental in recent weeks and constantly kept us guessing as to whether it chose to wash and/or rinse the dishes until we opened it up. Also, apparently dinner plates were made smaller 17 years ago because ours are not abnormally big but they have never fit into the dishwasher so having a dishwasher that can actually wash our plates is another exciting factor to add to this otherwise fairly boring bullet point.

2. Our shower stall is shrinking. Or at least that's what it feels like. I pooped the door open with my belly while I washing my hair yesterday.

3. Only a few more weeks of school after this one. It cannot come soon enough. The days are draggggging by and no matter how many assignments i finish and submit, they still keep coming. I have totally lost focus, and I am ready to just be in mummy mode...but I will keep trucking, bad attitude included, until the end!

4. Cuddles with newborn baby Henry this Sunday has made me ridiculously impatient to meet our own baby boy, not to mention getting that whole labour thing out of the way.

5. My mum is coming for a visit soon!! I can't wait to share this time with her in person. I want her to feel her grandson kicking, and to help me set up the nursery and make a place for him to come home to.

6. I am currently averaging 3 cinnamon rhubarb muffins a day.

7. My belly is expanding by the minute - I guess that's what happens when you are growing a person. That and #6.

8. I want to take a nap.

9. We start our childbirth classes this week. I remember thinking when I booked them at the beginning of the year the end of May seemed so far away but here were are :)

9. Nap urge got stronger after I mentioned it the first time, so I am quitting this blog post at this time.
(I guess it didn't really blow away the cobwebs and get me ready for studying...but perhaps a nap will do the trick? )

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